Spekboom care

This is the really important bit!

Because of the British climate, you'll need to grow your plant indoors, in a pot. It can go outside in the warmer months but thrives in a warm environment, so keep an eye on the weather!

The bigger the pot, the bigger your plant will grow. We suggest planting your Spekboom straight into a nice big pot (20cm wide minimum) to save moving it later. Spekboom has a non-invasive root system making it ideal for pots and containers. Below you'll find detailed instructions on watering, light, potting and compost.​

 –  Follow these 5 simple steps when you receive your plant  – 

Take your plant out of the box and identify a sunny spot for it to live.

Get a 20-30cm diameter pot with drainage holes. Fill with a 50 % mix of soil and sand. Use soil from your garden or park where possible! Please don't buy large bags of compost!

Make a hole big enough for the plant. Tap the spekboom out of the bio-pot and place in the hole.

Cover with a dusting of the soil/sand mix and lightly water.

Place the plant indoors and somewhere with plenty of sunlight.


Only ever lightly water, once to twice a week

Through Spring and Summer, Spekboom likes to be watered well, then allowed to almost dry out before its next drink. Over winter, if temperatures are cool enough, Spekboom will have a rest period which will be signalled by slower growth. At this point, reduce watering until signs of active growth resume, but never let it stay too dry for long.


Place in bright spot

Spekboom is incredibly versatile and thrives in a bright, warm, draft-free room. Choose a location with as much sunlight as possible when growing Spekboom indoors and remember not to leave it outside in the winter months, they don't like frost!


Keep well-drained

These succulents need well-drained soil and an unglazed pot with drainage holes that will help excess moisture evaporate. The best mixture for this type of plant is soil mixed in half with sand, to help with drainage. As your plant grows, move it into bigger pots to help it grow quicker!


Fertilise once a year

We suggest fertilising once in late winter to early spring with fertilizer. We will be in touch to help you do this when needed. Repotting and fertilising will help your Spekbom to continue to grow and help the environment.


Please keep in touch with the project!
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