Spekboom is from South Africa, can it survive in the UK?

Absolutely. Although it is frost hardy, it will thrive more in the warmth of your home and suck up more carbon dioxide! Spekboom is the toughest of the tough, it's pretty hard and you'll struggle to kill it off! 

Can I leave my Spekboom outside?

You can move your Spekboom outside in the summer for sure. Keep it in as much sunlight as possible and keep the soil a little damp. Just don't forget to bring it in before Christmas! 

How big should the pot be for my Spekboom?

We recommend planting your spekboom in a large pot with drainage holes, about 20-30cm in diameter to help it grow as big as possible. It may look a little like it's wearing its older brothers clothes but it will grow into it quick! Keep moving it to bigger pots when you can to help it grow as big as possible! 

How often should I water my Spekboom?

You should water lightly once to twice a week. The soil should be damp, don't get it too wet, or let it go bone dry. It can survive well in drought, but it won't grow as much, and the bigger your Spekboom, the more carbon it will absorb. See the plant care page for more info.

How much sunlight does my Spekboom need?

Your Spekboom will love as much sunlight as you can give it and will absorb more carbon the more light it gets. See the plant care page for more info.

How big can a Spekboom get?

Spekbooms can grow into small trees, 2-4m high in the right conditions. We recommend growing it to a 50-100cm minimum, but please grow it as big as you can, the bigger your Spekboom the more carbon it will absorb.

Can you work with businesses?

Absolutely. Please send us a message here. We can cater for businesses of all sizes and take care of potting for you too. 

Where do the profits go?

The Spekboom Project has been set up to battle climate change at its heart. We believe the best way to help our planet is to rewild as much of earth as possible. All our profits will buy land to be left to naturally re-wild into the state it should be, without man's influence.  

Can you deliver outside the UK?

For now, we will just be delivering in the UK. We plan to extend the project across Europe and America very soon. If you want to help or stay in touch, please send us a message. 

Please keep in touch with the project!
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