The Spekboom Project was set up by Josh and Alisa, a good old husband and wife duo in Kent, UK. With their backgrounds being in design, innovation, sustainability and conservation, they talk a lot about ideas which allow everybody to help the environment. Climate change is so important to a lot of people, but not everyone can afford an electric car... so they wanted to come up with accessible ways everyone can make a difference. 


After living and working in the Lowveld of South Africa, they became aware of Spekboom and its super-plant qualities and decided to try and use it back in the UK. After lots of research and planning, they launched The Spekboom Project. 

Alisa and Josh know a lot more is going to have to be done than this project if we want to stand a chance against climate change, but it's a great start and they hope to inspire people to do more themselves or set up projects like this. It is our planet after all.


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