Our vision is to remove half a million tonnes of Co2 from the UK atmosphere every year, just with everyone owning 1 plant. Spekboom.

Spekboom, the Wonder-Plant

Scientific evidence for the warming of our climate is unequivocal.


The industrial activities that our modern civilization depends upon have raised atmospheric carbon dioxide levels from 280 parts per million to 400 parts per million in the last 150 years.


Spekboom is about 100 times more effective at reducing carbon than a pine tree.


We want to use this super-plant to significantly reduce the amount of carbon in the UK atmosphere. Welcome to The Spekboom Project.

All you have to do is grab a Spekboom from us, look after it as an indoor pot plant and spread the word. The more your plant grows, the more effective it will become!


Project Impact

The Spekboom Project aims to eliminate half a million tonnes of Co2 from the UK atmosphere.

How do we do this? Each Spekboom is capable of absorbing 8kg of Co2 a year and that’s a lot. The project becomes more successful the bigger the plants become, as the larger the plant the more carbon it will absorb. 

The Spekboom Project has been set up to battle climate change at its heart. We believe the best way to help our planet is to rewild as much of earth as possible. All our profits will buy land to be left to naturally re-wild into the state it should be, without man's influence.  

We believe it's going to take projects like this and all of us making small changes to start having a real impact on climate change. No one else is going to fix it, it's up to us. The time is now.

How can you help?


Buy one Spekboom per person and spread the word.


Take care of your plant using our specialist instructions.


Grow your plant as big as you can.


Help fight climate change year on year.


Please keep in touch with the project!
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